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Platinum Vapes Packaging With Cartridges

Platinum Vapes Packaging With Cartridges

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This packaging consists of 100 Platinum Vapes packaging ,100 Platinum Vape flavour stickers, 100 Platinum Vapes inserts and 100 1.0ml Platinum Vapes vape cartridges.

Cartridges are cap on coupled with a 510 thread equipped, also includes ceramic coil with the highest quality build making this leak resistance and no clogging.

Packing includes metrics tag 

Cartridges has ceramic coil, 510 threaded and ceramic mouthpiece. 

Flavours Available: 

Sativa: Passion Fruit, Hawaiian Kush, Pineapple Purps, Sunshine.

Hybrid: Cookies & Cream, Trainwreck, Thin Mint Cookies, Papaya Mochi, Kush Mints.

Indica: Cheesecake, Forbidden Fruit, Triangle Kush, Lime OG.

!Once purchased you will be contacted for your specific flavors! 

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